Here’s plenty of reasons why it should be your preferred method.

What is the dustless blasting process?

Water and 100% recycled abrasive, for example glass and garnet, is combined together within a blast tank. Depending on the surface we are dealing with, different pressures are applied. During the blasting process the water encapsulates the abrasive along with the coating being removed, which then falls directly to the ground….No toxic dust plumes or ignitable sparks that can be generated by the traditional sandblasting method. We use drop sheets which allows for easy disposal that we take care of. Containment and clean up has never been easier in open environments, even when others are working nearby.

Cleans, Washes and Prepares Surfaces …. What surfaces?

Dust free Blasting can be used on any type of surface such as wood, brick, metal and concrete. Whether it’s Automotive, Industrial or Residential we have you covered!
On all metal surfaces, not only is dustless blasting stripping away paint and rust and other coatings, it actually cleans the surface of contaminants and soluble salts that cause flash rusting. Our rust inhibitor is added to the water tank which leaves the surface primer ready for up to 72 hours, making it the perfect for the automotive industry.
On all wood surfaces, the dustless system can easily and safely remove all paint, varnishes and other coatings. This process is particularly ideal for lead paint removal as the lead is encapsulated in the water, with no airborne particles being emitted into the atmosphere. Drop sheets would be used on the ground to capture the media/lead, to be disposed of at a locally approved landfill. Very important for our environment! The surfaces are then ready for the next stage of your restoration project.
Stamped and coloured concrete paving features/slabs can be blasted leaving them perfectly prepared for re coatings of colouring.
Concrete surfaces can even be etched to make them non-slip! How great is that?

Concerned about the Environmental effects?

Debris is encapsulated with the water during blasting …. No dust plumes or toxic chemicals are emitted into the atmosphere or into surrounding areas!. Perfect for use in situations where strict environmental rules and regulations need to be adhered to.
We can all do our bit every day in so many ways to make the world a better place for generations to come.

Is friction and heat generated? Is there a risk of Warping on metal surfaces?

The answer is no, which makes it the perfect process for use on all metals. Water is used in the blasting process, thus keeping the surface around 10 degrees cooler than the ambient air temperature.
Dry blasting increases the risk of warping metal due to heat friction. Wet blasting cools the surface eliminating this risk factor. Why would you risk potential damage to your classic car restoration project? It’s a no brainer!.

Will I need to shut down our plant operations?

Dustless blasting suppresses sparks and static electricity which allows blasting on live pipelines. No need for plant or facility shutdowns! For example; welders and other employees can just pop on a pair of earmuffs if necessary and continue to work nearby.

Need another reason to choose Wairarapa Mobile Media Blasting?

The name says it all …… Our mobile machine comes to you!. Whether it be the industrial worksite or your backyard BBQ area, we have you covered.
Take the hassle out of trying to organize transport of large items to a service provider and the extra costs incurred. We can schedule at any time convenient to you!. Easy peasy.